Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Improvements

I'm sitting in bed, Walter by my side, sitting on his pedestal. This weekend was a bit of a change for him. I did some very late and overdue 'spring' cleaning. Boxes everywhere, things that were stored away were pulled out into various piles of junk around the house, with Walter safely beneath the covers of the bed. He hasn't really started to act like 'himself' until last night, when we were mostly done everything. So of course to make up for his weekend 'away', he had to be his great, very obedient self last night. It started with him jumping on top of the cupboards once again, nothing new or all that surprising actually, he did, however, decided to try something new last night.
His litter box is currently in our bathroom, conveniently located just under the roll or toilet paper, next the the wall. I heard a different noise than usual coming from the bathroom and went to investigate....ugh. Have you ever seen your cat or dog, wipe their paws after the finish making a deposit? Yeah, Walter does that too, sometimes he even actually covers his mess in the box, but he also wipes his paws on the wall, on the floor outside the box and on the shower curtain. We he must have gotten a bit more vigorous than usual with the wall.....there is a strip of drywall missing from the bottom of the toilet paper roll right down to the top of the litter box. Yup, thanks Walter. It wouldn't be such a big issue, however, we live in a rented apartment. So, in the mean time, before he can do any more damage, I had a great idea. We actually have a hanging corrugated cardboard scratching post (it hangs off door knobs etc.) that Walter has never really ever used. I had an extra picture hook hanging around and hung it right over top of the peeled paint on the wall. It seems to have worked thus far, but we can only hope.....

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